POPCORN FLAVORS ! To Make 2-3 Minutes

Preparing Homemade Popcorn Flavors is much easier than it seems, especially with a Pigeon Popcorn Maker. It is a small appliance that occupies little space and makes perfect popcorn in 2-3 minutes. The best thing is that you need not put grease to make them and they do not burn because it works with hot air. I thought I would hardly use it, but it’s so comfortable that I’m not lazy.

Popcorn flavors
Popcorn flavors @ Mornalarm.com

Once I have the popcorn made, I give them different flavors, sweet and salty, in a very simple way. It serves almost any food in powder:

not only the spices but also cured cheese, cookies, nuts. Combine your favorites, soak and you will have flavored popcorn. In step by step, I tell you how.

Popcorn flavors
Popcorn flavors @ MornAlarm.com

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Popcorn flavors
Popcorn flavors @ MornAlarm.com

Do you want to try this recipe for flavored popcorn? What will you do?

Flavors popcorn recipe


  1. Powder cheese and paprika:
  2. 30 grams of corn or popcorn
  3. 20 grams of butter or olive oil spray
  4. Powdered cheese
  5. Paprika (sweet or spicy)

Limits of garlic and basil (Coriander):

  • 30 grams of corn or popcorn
  • 30 grams of butter or olive oil spray
  • Garlic powder
  • Dry basil

How to prepare flavored popcorn step by step

To prepare flavored popcorn, we can buy corn or use ready-made popcorn, better if they do not have salt or fat. If we use corn, we can do it in a pan with care (you can see the step by step here) or in a parameter (it is very comfortable because we only have to put the beans and wait for the popcorn to come out). Meanwhile, we prepare for dressings.

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We need fat to adhere to the ingredients, we can use butter or olive oil in the spray. If we do it with butter, put it in a bowl and melt it in the microwave until it is liquid. Add the popcorn and mix well so it impregnates them. We divide the dressing (in this case, about 10 grams of powdered cheese and about 2 grams of paprika) and mix again until it impregnates everything.

Flavor Popcorn Recipe 01
Flavors Popcorn Recipe @ Mornalarm.com

If we choose oil in spray, we put half of the popcorn in a bowl and spray with the spray, while mixing. We add the other half and repeat the operation. Then sprinkle with the dressing (in this case, 2 grams of garlic powder and 2 grams of dried basil).

Flavor popcorn recipe 02
Flavors popcorn recipe Mornalarm.com

Once they are well mixed, I can eat them.

Tips and tricks for cooking some flavored popcorn

We do not recommend → Popcorn flavors bags for microwaves because they already have grease in the bag and would be heavy.

→ My parameter takes between 1 and 2 minutes to prepare a bowl of popcorn. While they go out, I prepare the dressing I have everything done in 3 minutes.

→ You can try other garnishes for salty popcorn, like curry, gas-el-handout, garlic and oregano …

→ If you prefer sweet popcorn, sprinkle with cocoa powder and icing sugar or cinnamon and icing sugar, for example. Remember that you need a very little amount.

→ You can also prepare caramel Popcorn flavors.

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We hope you have liked this article because in this article we have tried to explain to you. How to make a Popcorn flavors Home Made today. through this article, if you like this article, then tell us in the comment below. Thank You

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