Women’s Sexual Health to Platform Helps Women Seek

Hello friends, today we will tell you in this article that what is happening in society is very much about women’s sexual health. And it can save itself in this way in use and also in its Mutal Article 128.

That it is harmful from the government and it can look at what the formats are facing again. And you save them from events so you have none problem No matter. And in this article, I have told the following things. How many percentages of women in the world are affected by Sexual Health?

Platform Helps Women Seek Support for Sexual Health

Article 19, a health care company, launched last Thursday (29) a service. Women’s Sexual Health raises the services of the Unified Health System that provide services related to legal abortions.

According to a piece of company news, the opinion is to inform women about the rights used to this effect.

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The platform called Legal Abortion Map explains in which situations it is desirable to do the action safely. Under Article 128 of the Criminal Code and Form of Non-Compliance with Basic Precept (ADPF), no. 54.

The Women’s Sexual Health it is possible to abort in three cases. if the pregnancy is because of rape; if pregnancy is life-warning to the woman. Women’s Sexual Health and if it is a case of fetal anencephaly (non-fatal brain formation).

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In addition, the site also offers a map of all hospitals in the state where it is possible to do the procedure safely. By the survey, there are 176 hospitals in the National Register of Health Establishments (CNES) that offer the service by SUS.

Women’s Sexual Health However, only 75 of the respondents confirmed by contact they did the operation.

Many works, however, still reject to carry out legal abortion or give undue difficulties. Such as the selection of event information or court approval.

With this, the risk of abortion is still a fully guaranteed right for women in Brazil. the company explains in a view.

Women’s Sexual Health Map do abortion legal
Women’s Sexual Health Map do abortion legal @Mornalarm.com

Article 128 Women’s Sexual Health

Article 128 Women’s Sexual Health and the ADPF define the woman. Who has known rape may free care in the SUS which includes.

The receipt of STD treatments, the morning-after pill psychological support and. In problems of pregnancy the right to legal abortion.

However, Women’s Sexual Health it must be 20 weeks gestation and the fetus weighs up to 500 grams. It is useless to a report of occurrence, examination of the IML or even judicial approval, being the woman’s word full.

Upon arriving at the service, an interdisciplinary team must receive the woman and the full detail that will sign is the written consent term.

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Where this is life-warning to the mother, the medical staff must give instruction. So she can choose whether she wishes to go on the pregnancy. For the fetal anencephaly Women’s Sexual Health there is a need for evidence of impairment by ultrasonography.

Except for the case of rape, it also requires in these new two cases an award confirmed by at least two physicians. Women’s Sexual Health any hospitals that have obstetrical or gynecological services should have the material to do abortion in these conditions.

The health specialist has also protected the right to an honest problem. If you refuse to do the action if this goes against your values. Women’s Sexual Health However, if there is no other person to carry out the action, or if the mother is ready at risk, such an expert is required to perform his or her function. Women’s Sexual Health By law, an institution can not use this tool, only a human being.

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The theory is getting out of a larger Article 19 project. That needs to give advice on sexual health in Brazil having information on abortion. In December 2018 Women’s Sexual Health the agency published a report called Brief Panorama on Legal Abortion and Clarity in Brazil.

The company also plans to release another report this April with the results of other check-ups of companies. Women’s Sexual Health which may bring a final list of this service.

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We hope you have liked the article here because today we have told about Women’s sexual health in this article. How it affects the lives of women in such a way that this is bad in such a way that.

The government has taken a huge step For this prime. The government has applied the new law within a lot of articles and I also use it in many countries.

We should also avoid this kind of crime and keep yourself. And your family safe so that the surrounding environment is good or if you like it. Then you can tell us your opinion in the comment below. Thank You So much

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