Today we will see in this article that if medicines drugs foods and are eaten together. then which of our bodies are reacting and which diseases are ours so please read this article carefully. so that we also Do not ever mistake that we have been doing so far. Check Below Detail: 7 MEDICINES AND FOODS YOU SHOULD NEVER MIX.

When we are sick or we do not feel ill, we quickly search for a drug, right? However, we must be very careful when taking any medicine and I recommend it to read the description in the package insert. Almost all packages come with a record of the manufacturer, saying we should not use on our taking but well consult a doctor before.

Besides that, they tell you how to use it and how not to use it. This is because the medicines have their own characteristics, such as dosage, time of treatment and agreement with new medicines or other products. Believe me, various medications can not, under any circumstances, be mixed with certain types of foods.

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I have been thinking a little about this and your health, dear reader, that we have brought this list. The writing of Unknown Facts sought and listed medicines and foods you should never mix as they will suffer serious consequences.

If you know of any other we did not list here, please let us know in the comments below. Enjoy sharing with your friends and, without further ado, check with us below and surprise yourself.

Antibiotics and vinegar (Medicines)

1 - Antibiotics and vinegar
1 – Antibiotics and vinegar@mornalarm.com

Antibiotics can kill not only the pathogenic bacteria but also those that are necessary for the proper working of our stomach. Therefore, we can not ingest vinegar when we are taking antibiotics. Acidic foods, specifically those containing vinegar, lead to an overload in the stomach.

Antibiotics and refrigerant (drugs)

2 - Antibiotics and refrigerant
2 – Antibiotics and refrigerant@mornalarm.com

Soda leads to swelling of the abdomen. When we combine the beverage with this medicine, it more complicates the work of the gastrointestinal section trace. Doctors recommend drinking only water during a treatment using antibiotics.

Contraceptive and St John’s Wort

4-Contraceptive and St John’s Wort
3-Contraceptive and St John’s Wort@mornalarm.com

This is one of the most popular herbs for decoctions. It can not be mixed with contraceptive medicines as it can reduce the effectiveness of the tablets. In the case of pregnancy, the use of the plant threatens even the life of the baby.

Anti-allergy and fruit juice

4 - Anti-allergy and fruit juice
4 – Anti-allergy and fruit juice@mornalarm.com

Drinking anti-allergy medicines with fruit juice can reduce the effects of the remedy on the body. Antibiotics this drink inhibits the peptide, which brings the medicine from the intestine into the bloodstream.

Antineoplastic drugs and milk

5 - Antineoplastic drugs and milk
5 – Antineoplastic drugs and milk@mornalarm.com

Several drugs created to fight a tumor. change its goods when combining with an enzyme called xanthine oxidation. They can find this in cow’s milk. We should avoid drinking when we have treated with this medicine.

Paracetamol and alcohol (drugs)

6 - Paracetamol and alcohol
6 – Paracetamol and alcohol@mornalarm.com

Our body uses the same enzyme to break down alcohol and acetaminophen. The mixture of the drug and alcohol can lead to serious disorders of the liver and kidneys.

Aspirin and orange juice

7 - Aspirin and orange juice
7 – Aspirin and orange juice@mornalarm.com

They do not recommend it to use this medicine with citrus juice. This combination can deeply irritate your stomach. Also, the juice can reduce the effect of the drug on the body.

So what did you think of this list? Tell us down there and share it with your friends. Always remembering that your feedback is important to our growth.

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