Specialization: Meaning, Advantages Costs and Coaching

Attending a specialization, as the name implies, makes you a professional with something more in the market.

But is that the best match for your career goals?

Obviously, this is a decision that needs to be made on the basis. And that is why we have constructed this article.

Betting on an upgrade in your training can make you retake your self-esteem. And motivation to move on towards your professional goals.

Not to mention all the knowledge acquired and the addition to the curriculum

If the idea pleases, enjoy knowing everything about this form of postgraduate. And make this reading the beginning of a new project.

Good reading!

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What is specialization?

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Specialization is a late since formation, which means to say it covers many courses that are done after graduation. Always to perfect a certain area of knowledge or occupation chosen.

However, there is a lot of confusion between the terms specialization and postgraduate.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning: in general, any and all training after graduation is considered postgraduate.

What happens is that, in the US, we have become accustomed to calling the postgraduate courses of specialization. Which is not wrong, that is to say.

The misconception is to restrict and use the two words as synonyms.

MSc, Ph.D., Postdoctoral, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) are also postgraduate courses, each of them with their specifics. Is it easier to understand like this?

Specialization is also seen as a way of opening the horizons to other possibilities. Not so similar to the original training course.

It is a chance to change course in the career since the possibilities are usually open to many graduates.

If there is still any question about what is specialization let’s end. This topic with the concept of the maximum education institution in the country, the Ministry of Education (MEC):

“ Post, as Americans call it, is a more technical, market-oriented way to train professionals with improved knowledge in certain segments .”

Synonyms of specialization

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Could another replace the word specialization?

A synonym we must be very careful when using is such a graduate.

As already explained, this can cause a person to incur the error of discarding. Other types of training that take place after the faculties.

A good way out is to use the term “graduate mode”, which is more appropriate.

Or, if you prefer, you can substitute words for improvement or deepening that will not be wrong.

How is a specialization course?

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The specialization course does not differ much from college classes. Except for the total duration of training, as we will see later.

You will also have theoretical and practical classes, seminars debate group work. And how many options the teacher wants to bring to the classroom, including tests for performance evaluation.

The difference is greater freedom and focuses on the exchange of experiences, which are more intense.

A specialization also enables you to meet people and create professional connections.

As with graduation, you also need to have 75%. Or more attendance in class so you do not fail per attendance.

And there are also the sometimes dreaded monograph, an experimental project or end-of-course article – which are usually mandatory.

At the end of it all, you will receive a certificate of completion or a diploma with the title of a specialist.

In an academic hierarchy, the specialist lies beneath the master. And the doctor other degrees to get from a graduate.

Are there distance specialization courses (ODL)?

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Many people still face difficulties in maintaining professional activities while studying, such as attending a specialization.

This happens a lot with those who need to travel long distances to reach the educational institution.

And it is for these and other factors that the faculties of distance learning were born, the popular mode of teaching EAD.

Ideal for those who have a very troubled routine, with irregular schedules and shifts, this training, when it refers to specialization courses, leaves nothing to do in comparison with the face-to-face method.

The MEC allows the modality in courses of post-graduation data sense.

And the diploma does not show that they did the specialization at a distance or in person.

If you’re interested in distance learning, check out five benefits of doing a specialization without leaving home:

More flexible hours

Many people do not do not seek professional specialization because of the financial issue, but because of the lack of time.

In these cases, the EAD emerges as an outlet for those who do not want to give up their work and still want to have the opportunity for a better future.

Lower cost

Okay, your problem may not be money, but saving can be a differential and so much – as long as without losing quality.

Now, imagine how much you will cut costs by not having to pay for transportation, food, printing of handouts and teaching materials?

It does not seem like much, but by the end of the semester, the impact on finance can make a difference.

Diploma validated

One of the main myths that persecute the distance courses is that the certificates generated by them are not valid or are not recognized by the MEC.

As we have already mentioned, the late sense modalities are approved by the Ministry of Education.

What needs to be observed by the student is whether they accredit the institution in the highest body of teaching – not all are.

Comfort and convenience

You will no longer have to struggle with sleep during class.

Besides setting up your own schedules, you’ll be able to study in the comfort of your home or anywhere else that has internet access.

But do not confuse this comfort with relaxation.

Distance learning requires more or more discipline than attending classes in person.

There is a fundamental competence to attend a specialization.


With the material available on the virtual teaching platform, you can create your own rhythm of studies.

For example, you can move more quickly through the disciplines you master and spend more time on those you are still struggling with.

It is a way of learning customized to the needs of each student.

The advantage of taking a specialization course

specialization course advancement
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Whether it is face-to-face or distance specialization brings countless advantages to those who seek a plus in their training.

We have separated four benefits for you to know now.

Greater experience

Knowledge is never too much.

It is the only wealth no one takes from you.

Therefore, a specialization course will always add something, even if it is an experience.

Not to mention that it is another opportunity for you to learn about the area you have chosen.

It may not even be the exact segment you play today, but it may represent a market trend that can open doors.


It makes our life up of interpersonal relationships and exchanges of experiences.

And a specialization course is the perfect place to increase your network of contacts.

As this training is not a college, it is not uncommon for it to bring together students of different grades.

Another opportunity for you to know a little more about other niche markets.

Besides the professional contacts that can be made, nothing prevents you from building friendships and partnerships to lead for the rest of your life, whether professional or personal.

More chances to get a job

A curriculum that contains some qualification already a differential.

Even if the vacancy in question is not directly related to your specialization, it counts in your favor.

Recruiters value candidates who seek to improve themselves more and more.

It is a virtue that shows that the person is proactive and is always looking to develop their skills.

If the position has everything to do with the course, the chances increase even more.

The market is very lacking in skilled labor, and those who specialize in some subject receive more opportunities to show their talent.

Not to mention the benefit that comes next.

Higher wages

Another advantage that many takes into account when taking a postgraduate course is the possibility of receiving a higher salary.

Especially in public competitions, we already mention the difference in the floor for servers in the public notice: complete secondary education, higher education, specialization, the master’s degree, doctorate, and postdoctoral degree.

Companies that offer career plans to their employees also usually grant higher incomes to those who have some postgraduate degrees.

When the course is done at the request of the employer, inclusive, an increase usually takes effect after training.

On average, how long does a specialization course last?

specialization in media how long it lasts
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It does not regulate the specializations and is not subject to the systematic evaluation of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes)

It is the opposite of what happens with a post-graduate degree of a strict sense, aimed at getting an academic degree (master and doctor).

Therefore, they have no specific orientation regarding the length of training.

The only guideline is the minimum time a specialization should have, which is 360 hours.

It can not consider any activity with a load lower than this as a graduate and should enter the range of other professional skills such as workshops and extension courses.

But despite all the variation, we can say the most common are the specializations with a duration between 12 and 18 months.

How to choose a good specialization?

More than just taking into account the duration of specialization, pay attention to other points such as:

  • Recognition by the MEC
  • The reputation of the institution
  • Program content
  • Board of teachers
  • Selective process
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Method of evaluation.

If you are looking for information on higher education institutions, the tip is to access the website of the Ministry of Education.

There, you will find general information about the colleges, such as address, telephone number and the website itself.

Take advantage to observe what it covers areas of knowledge in the courses of the institution and their evaluation by the MEC.

If you are interested in a university, in particular, it is worth doing that visiting to see the structure, to know the coordination and to exchange an idea with the teachers.

And speaking of the teachers, stay connected: at least half of the teachers of the course must be masters or doctors.

But maybe nothing is more effective than talking to people who have been in the place you want to be.

Students and alumni of the specialization course.

No one better to say if you expect really in line with what the course can offer.

What is the cost of a specialization?

specialization what cost
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Although we consider every form of knowledge acquisition investment and not an expense, you must also respect your pocket when choosing your expertise.

Unlike the master’s, doctoral, and post-doctorate, where the student often receives scholarships to dedicate to his or her training, specializations rarely offer this kind of benefit.

So it’s good to prepare your budget to afford this graduate.

A good way out can be to negotiate the payment terms, with an extended installment payment or, if not, a greater discount for advances.

It may be possible, for example, to give a good input value, and then to pay for the rest at the end of each quarter or semester.

Exercise your bargaining power and invest in your future.

Another tip is to turn to EAD courses.

Besides the numerous benefits already mentioned, these options are much cheaper than traditional alternatives.

This is because distance courses require lower costs for institutions, especially because of the lower need for physical structure to meet students.

About values, it is difficult to estimate a pattern, as they vary according to the institution and course have chosen.

But you will hardly pay less than $400 in monthly tuition. Which can be up to four times more expensive for highly reputed teaching centers.

Can I specialize in coaching?

Speaking of specialization courses have you thought about specializing in coaching?

If your search is for a career that is a market trend. And does not stop growing, this is a great alternative.

And you do not even need to leave your area: it is increasingly common for coaching to work as a plus in training. A way of adding human development knowledge to the practice already usual.

If you want to raise your performance to develop leadership skills and learn. Whereby to achieve results with greater assertiveness coaching is for you.

How to become a coach?

8 specialization how to become a coach
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Wherewith about now taking the next step and becoming a coach?

Unlike many people often imagine, and most of the specialization courses require, there is no prerequisite for this.

Just believe in the transformation that the method can provide.

As there are numerous institutions available in the market, the tip is to choose carefully. The international certification can be a key differentiator.

And if you will start a new career, there’s nothing better than talking to those. Who are already on the market and who can pass on valuable information about training and the professional routine?

That’s where we start your walk.

SubarcuationCoaching training

Given the first step, the next tip is to seek the best alternative among institutions.

Do you already know the work of Subarcuation? We are the pioneer institution of the method in the country. Responsible for the formation of over 35 thousand coaches, besides the service of three thousand companies.

The training offered is based on the best and most up-to-date techniques available in the market.

The goal is always to offer the newest and most relevant in the market, mixing theory and practice.

But how about talking a little more about what you can expect from the courses?

For those starting in the area, Subarcuation has developed the Personal & Professional Coaching training.

Remember that goal of having more balance between the different spheres of your life? It’s good out there.

During the training process, expect to learn methods to develop skills considered essential to increase. Your own performance and achieve the best results. Besides understanding how to handle and assist future customers.

It is not a question of “machismo”, but of modern training, based on a methodology. That has a scientific basis and is recognized worldwide.

Now imagine being able to go over all that and help more. And more people reach the full potential they have. That old story of being the best version of yourself every day.

Did you? So now is the time to act.

Contact us and ask us questions you may have.


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Did you like our article on a specialization?

Have you seen that even the lack of time can be an excuse? For you to stop investing in your training?

Virtual platforms and distance learning courses are here to stay.

If seeking more and more knowledge is also your life goal, move on.

Have you done any specialization? Did you think it was worth it?

Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

Maybe you will not help other people are in doubt.

And if the article was helpful, be sure to share it on your social networks.

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